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Four Unique Roofs that showcase the Beauty of Design

May 20


In general, building designers have become more concerned about the practicalities of building construction, with energy and usage of space becoming more and more important. This is a great idea and one that is vital to the near future. It's good to know that designers still have the freedom to create stunning properties. Roof designs can be used to add the WOW factor to a building. Here are some roofing designs that show how pittsburgh roofer and designers can make up their own amazing or interesting designs.

The Hotel Marques de Riscal

Spain is an innovator in design, and this hotel showcases the most beautiful and imaginative method of building a roof that follows the tradition. The style of the overlapping folds is like the petals of a rare orchid, or maybe a piece of origami. Whatever it's like, it's surely stunning and demonstrates the innate creativity of the artist. Although it wasn't an easy roof to construct and maintain, it's definitely worthy of praise.


Tongonan Houses

These homes prove that stunning and unique roofs don't need to be created by modern designers or Christopher Wren. These homes are homes of the Torajan people from Indonesia and are steeped in history. Since Indonesia is heavily influenced by the ocean in its design, the roofs can be similar to boats. Although they may have been inspired, the houses are usually constructed by the families that lives in them and are constructed using locally available materials, such as bamboo. Although they may not be contemporary creations, but they are surely unique, gorgeous designs that merit to be are able to better leverage the help of professional local roofers located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.


Nanyang Technological University

This roof is an amazing advertisement for green construction. It is an immense expanse of green grass which is used to insulate the building, and to supply the water needed for self-irrigation. It's a structure with a unique design and art, so the roof fits perfectly. The wide-ranging design illustrates how nature can be incorporated into their design ideas. Nature meets technology in a stunning roof. Steadfast roofing is an efficient, professional and reliable business.

The Flower Petals Roof

The stunning natural style should be appreciated from the air. Yet, you'll be able to see its beauty under its natural shade. The home below is a stunning construction, but that is due to the roof's design because the structure follows the roof's contours. Made of only local material, the house designer made the roof the principal idea as well as the design of the property, and was incredibly foresighted to make this decision. This gorgeous property is available to rent in Rio de Janeiro.


I think that these four roofs show the way that a roof can be a catalyst for a building and become its primary component. The roof of any building is a vital structure but that doesn't mean it needs to be boring, these 4 roofs prove that is true and you will also require the help and assistance of a roofing contractor in pittsburgh pa.

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